I’m going to tell you why I’m disgusted with Reno, NV and the US at large.  The government has become such a useless system of arrogant elites – people who after failing to accomplish anything or be made aristocrats by chance – have sought solace in the public sector while they use hubris to act authoritarian utterly crushing anyone who dares act like they ought to pick up the phone.

I’m unsure if their uselessness is due to a general lack of ability, drug or alcohol abuse, whether they are bought out – racketeering with corrupt private sector interests, nursing hatred over their private sector failure, or just inept, but it’s high time I find a place where people act respectful and like they have a brain.  I’m refusing to allow Reno, Washoe County, and Nevada bureaucracy to get away with it.  And I was treated this way in Napa, CA too, so CA isn’t exempt.  Government is basically useless, and is hiding it.  Although most of you I speak to agrees with me here, so hiding in plain sight I suppose is more like it, it’s a racket that they take our money and do nothing successfully, so is insurance, we all get this.

What I’m generally seeing is corruption.  The US federal government certainly has its share, but the scores of policies and research which are handed down and shared by international agencies as guidelines, these entities fail to respond and implement.  The laws are there, but government acts like they are self sowing plants, which are automatically watered.  There is a general lack of willingness to protect people.  I can’t accept it.  Whether you call the system a constitutional republic, a democracy, modified socialism with a dash of free market enterprise, or a lamentable and even perhaps joyous unalterable journey towards communism, people can’t have a successful society which has a chance of survival, if corruption is the aristocracy.  

My assertions of corruption are a compliment in a sense.  I’m saying that people like Mayor Hillary Schieve actually have a brain, they are just hacks.  This is in contrast to being an utter idiot, who lies and takes bribes, which is what I was told was going on by the client who poisoned me at 50 S. Virginia Street, Bernard & Tim Carter.  When you can pay about $100K to government to allow you to disobey federal law (when it’s in direct contradiction to what the head Plans Examiner in the Building Department instructed), well that’s sayin you paid someone higher up to let you racketeer and hurt people.

This corruption is easy to get away with in small town America within the building sector.  People in these American rural communities haven’t generally seen the world class design and building acumen shown in large cities, where the best buildings happen.  It’s easy to fool the public and run a racket, which pumps out poisonous and substandard work.  I cannot have the ethical practice I desire in a place like Reno, NV, because the corruption is so bad, and the people are so uneducated.  I’m done trying to cram crap into my portfolio.  I will say that Phil Satre’s custom house was the notable exception. Thanks Phil and Jennifer, you guys were very professional.

To the rest of Reno, I’ll say this.  You can have your 7” incandescent cans (which you can buy 10 for a $100), to which you stuff an LED retrofit for $3.

Let’s discuss a real seemingly boring issue – insurance.  Just the word conjures up visions of squares speaking in monotone, asking you a relentless list of questions.  Then comes the piles of papers you have to sign, yes, insurance sucks baby.  And it doesn’t just stop there, there’s all the different kinds of insurance we’re supposed to have – health got a lot of press recently during Obama care, but what about business insurance?  There’s general liability, errors and omissions, workers compensation, auto, home, fire, earthquake, life…good Lord save me from everything!!

Hopefully though, it’s there when you need it.  That’s what we’re told right?  This is the whole reason we have it.  Pay a little now, in case you need a safety net later.  Except what’s been going on with insurance per my experience, amounts to little more than bogus racketeering.  And I’d really like to talk about that today.

We’ve all been there – let’s take the classic fender bender.  Somebody hits you, and the insurance company takes forever, tries to nickel and dime you, only reimburses you for a job half done.  Everybody I know loves to gripe about how insurance companies are the worst at paying you what they promise.  Let’s face it, their reputation precedes them.

But I’m really angry over what’s been going on in my business this last time I got poisoned.  I bought insurance specifically to cover me if  it ever happened again, but it didn’t. Hartford was nice enough to sell me an expanded flex policy specifically for the purpose (read I paid more cash), but when push came to doctor bills, it did not cover me.  Three people are responsible for poisoning me this time, but even though they broke the law and knowingly spread poison everywhere, their insurance won’t cover it (AIG and Capital Insurance Group), all I get is bullied from attorneys who work for the insurance companies.

These insurance people help each other out.  They have a centralized computer system which tells them all claims which have been filed by you, so it makes it easier to deny you.  They share information about you, and talk to each other about whether they are denying you, before they even tell you about it.  Yep, that’s insurance.  For profit companies, making tons of money “being there for you”, i.e. wasting your time and doing what they can to defraud you.  Its money we put in so we could have a safety net, and these companies aren’t doing what they promised.

Take your money and give you nothing.  Kinda sounds like the economic collapse all over again (gee aren’t AIG the ones responsible for that too??  Or maybe it was just that they went “bankrupt” and got to buy back their billion dollar headquarters for $1 at taxpayer expense.).  A legal form of fraud via collusion and racketeering.  A cartel to be sure.  But we already knew that.  They’re trained professionals.

And it’s even mandated to have it by law!  Lucky Americans…

nose-cropI must write a warning for everybody out there, relating to a project I was working on located at 50 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV USA – The Historic Former Post Office aka The Basement and other shops. The owners, Bernie & Tim Carter hired Evelyn Sahaja, LC InLightIn Design to perform lighting design for the project.

They poisoned me by conducting substandard non-quality work in violation of federal standards over a period from January 2014-March 2015 – they lied to me – until my reactions to the building became so bad I could no longer be inside it. Even though I attempted to warn Carter for his own and everyone’s safety, he fired me when I advised him that my doctor said I was exhibiting signs of chemical poisoning. They and their general contractor United Construction have been shut down by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) July 2014 for failure to abate lead and asbestos. The building was locked down for over 3 months while they were forced to clean it up. After this citation, Carter continued to run his own team, which has also now been cited by the Nevada State Contractors Board for contracting without a license – January 2016.

The market concept in “the Basement”, is a copy of the Chelsea market in NYC. It was concepted by Brianna Bullentini of the Rawbry Juice Bar. She is unlicensed, and claims to have a BS in Sustainable Architecture from Parsons in speaking engagements on TedX and the Vanguard Next Cities conference, March 2015. Parsons has confirmed that it is a BFA in Interior Design, and further scrutiny of her resume verifies that she has never worked at a level higher than a paid intern. She has claimed to be a Creative Director at ICrave in NYC. ICrave has verified that she was a paid intern.

My glorious little LED

Let me celebrate thee.


Form factors galore

They’re in the store!


Less pollution gets in my eyes,

and greenhouse gases overtime.


So energy efficient,

Its a gift, I get it.


The Nobel Physics Prize,

Nakamura and team so wise.


SMD, Chip on Board,

I just scored.


Binning, Damming, Doping,

Not bored, still coping and hoping.


That gonio sphere,

May I take your measurements dear?


Lighting Facts,

Yeah, TPC I get down like that.


You give me the ability to Spectrally tune,

Used with Circadian Rhythm, and people’s health will improve.


LED, so wafer thin.

Darlin you win!

Hello Everybody-

The 2016 winners of the Product Innovation Awards have been released.  I’m pleased to have done the judging for the competition for the 6th or 7th year now.  Its nice to have served in this capacity and on the IES Testing and Procedures Committee for SSL for long enough now, that I’m recognized as having knowledge on the topic.  I do love LED, OLED, etc… the various forms that comprise the world of SSL.

You can see LED overtaking legacy technology.  There’s virtually no application area or form factor its unable to address.  The lamp lives are cresting over 100,000 hours with efficacy (efficiency defined as lumens per watt – LPW) at over 100 as well.  LEDs!  They get a score of 100!

As a Judge for the magazine, I see the best of what the manufacturers have to offer usually.  But in the real work of lighting specifications, the form factors most requiring improvement are:  ubiquitous commercial types – such as troffer retrofits and strips, and decorative.  I’m still seeing far too many 50,000hour ratings with only 80+CRI on the commercial side, and on the decorative side – far too many screw base sockets.  The commercial side has long been the bastion of those with no design expertise, and the decorative side the purview of architects and interior designers who care only for the look of the fixture and not its performance.  A big piece of my business is still fixing this work that nobody bothered to calc, but it sure does look pretty – if only I could see it.  This really holds the industry down, because this is what the consumer is shown as good and ethical lighting design.

Let’s talk about efficacy, or efficiency as the lay person will call it.  Lumens per watt is only part of the story in several ways.  The lumen is unit of measurement which tells you how much total is coming from a light source, but it doesn’t tell you how exactly.  And the finer points of that is where quality happens – its everything really.  This is where optics get into the equation, the difference between a diffuse source or a point source, beam spreads, candela aka center beam candle power, luminance vs. illuminance, etc…  And then there’s the metric – lumens per watt as a way to measure efficiency.  I’ve built my reputation in the design world on broadening the metric for efficiency as it pertains to human energy.  For instance, if the light makes you sick/confused/or plain unable to see and you hurt yourself – and therefore we have to build more hospitals which run 24/7/365 drawing energy, drive up insurance rates, drain more sick pay, and increase medical costs, this is bad efficiency – it doesn’t matter that a light may use fewer watts.  Its more of a cradle to cradle ethic for lighting design.  Because light is more than electro hunk o junk – it is also a natural phenomenon, its role in the biology of living things must come first.  So, lumens per watt with a caveat.

I’d love to see the natural high efficiency of LED’s blue rich properties combined with the form factors employed for daytime use.  You’d spoil me with sky shift, however its really needed when the 9-5 workforce gets off, shops, works out, etc…  We can step away from the straight retrofit, but use the same opening (T Bar Grid), or even find new ways to put light into the world.  To work with this efficiency during peak demand times, is such a winning combination.  It will reduce greenhouse gases/toxic emissions, save the strain on the grid, and save clients money while bolstering health.  Who knew, the LB from Lithonia might actually have life after being done to death!  I see this like my Fiat, so high in mpg, that the savings in gas makes the car payment.  Its not as though the idea is new (its a story as old as time literally – the pattern of light and darkness), its just who can do it best?

At the end of the judging for this year, I was happy to see tiny aperture (opening) 1″ downlights with excellent color quality for a low cost.  Color quality was a main theme – track that really delivers on flexibility.  The manufacturer’s impressed me with their ideas on modularity, and I even saw some nice decorative.  To the untrained eye, it will likely never know the difference, they might feel it, but the difference in sales and experience as a result of higher quality is taking the flexibility of SSL to a new dimension.

Love it!


So I’ve been poisoned by people breaking the law. I mean why is it so difficult to grasp? Its because its politically motivated from back room deals. Today we’re going to talk about the state of American politics as a backdrop to common sense and protecting our way of life.

I see it put two ways. Poison is something done through the environment, environmental contamination – so a lot of good ol boy conservative politics seems to think that pro environmentalism party opposition gives them carte blanche to reap whatever havoc they feel they have the right to do in order to accomplish their financial goals. They bolster political support at rallies with families, giving to children’s hospitals, when its their reckless law breaking that put the sick families in the ward. They profess to have Christian values, while they poison God’s creation, and commit patricide, genocide and every other cide out there. The cide has got you on your side. What are you running from? That mirror you’re holding in front of your face? Somehow, these people, some Christians, have become murderers too illogical to possess a comprehension of even basic biology. Step 1: Poisoned organisms can’t live. Biology 101, here we come!!

I wish there were more people like the State Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval. He’s got some common sense. He is a Republican, he’s a moral man. He actually has supported the end to the murder of our families by the corrupt with no respect for the laws of the nation. He believes in upholding the law. He’s stood for justice with me. Be thankful Nevada, at least your governor is smart enough to understand that if everything dies from poison, nobody wins. Hey, I’d even take the bet that he’s got the IQ to get that if everything is dead, then there wont’ be any fighting going on about this any longer either. And there is fighting – people die everyday from those who use this as a weapon. They even kill themselves – when they incapacitate themselves, it drags our economy down because we have to pay for them. Yep, lead has a half life of 3-400 years – its around for a LONG time. Most people can’t even remember what they ate last week or where their keys are, much less where they put that lead they were too in denial to see.

But what can we say about some of the others? Let’s take lead – its been a known deadly toxic poison since…ohhh…the time of the Assyrians in the Bronze Age and even before. Its been outlawed in this country since 1979, and yet I know some conservatives who are so irrational and greedy, that they’ll argue that a property owner has the right to poison you for their own material wealth.  Some like to disobey EPA federal laws because they’re secretly bigots and are so pissed that Obama’s in the White House that they’ve decided to poison themselves and others as a means of protest – simply because they view the federal laws made by the EPA as another Democratic liberal annoyance, which is the same mechanism that put a black guy in the White House.  They cut back room deals in order to outlet their hate on everybody. Yep, they think that’s rational – never mind that Obama’s been in the White House less than 10 years, and lead based paint has been banned since 1979, plus you’re an idiot if you poison yourself. Oh, and the entire human race hails from Africa, its been genetically proven, so bigotry is insane.

Wasn’t it John Wayne that said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

But I would be soooo remiss if I didn’t spend some time picking on the liberal Democrats too. Its their massive unaccountable government, with its cumbersome policies that made way for the insane on the Right to feel as though their position is justified. The Left lost its mind when it decided that government was perfect for this job.  We the People must be accountable for our actions, nobody can do it for us. Would you poison your dog to death with rotten food? Yet some think its alright to do to small business owners and those who step foot into these buildings simply because the law won’t take the time or has the resources to check every single space on our behalf every single moment of the day and night. Corruption in government is just as bad as corruption in big business, or the same rather.

Or we can couch it that poison abatement laws make it too expensive to clean up…that the laws are ridiculous when it comes to abatement. Take lead for example: you’ve got to erect an airtight safe barrier, with a plastic drop cloth ($4-25) which you can buy at any local hardware store, and you’ve got to pay for testing (expensive at $400, but then there’s the millions you’re making off your building), and you’ve got to put the debris in plastic bags (another huge investment at $10 for 30), plus there will be masks (They start at $30 and $450 is the nicest one I’ve seen, but there’s a central unit you can run lots of guys off of for $1,000), and then you’ve got to buy some filtration equipment (which can be rented), and last but not least, some booty socks, which sell for about $15 per 500. No, the only problem with lead abatement law is – lead was used ubiquitously in buildings prior to 1979, and most people are too lazy to scrub a toilet effectively, and so something as careful as lead abatement is something they prefer to ignore. Snore.

Greed is the simple answer, and lack of enforcement. They prefer to wave their magical wand of denial, and say the lead isn’t there. I call it, The “If I can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist Disease.” Toxic Craxy for short. Its ridiculous when our lives are on the line, and we’re too busy arguing over the political furniture.

I’ll give it to you plain. You are an illogical business person if you think your business can’t survive unless you murder. You are morally depraved and fundamentally lacking in understanding of the principles which gave our country respect, and those which generate true wealth.  I see you green washing.  You are the anti-Christ to American virtue and morality. Considering you’ve made this a fight to the death, you might want to consider the opposition which is likely to be headed your way. I said this will be the cause of future wars, Civil and foreign. Poison hurts, nobody will put up with it for long.

So go ahead, tell everybody that America’s the Greatest Country on Earth. I’ll believe it when I see more of you acting like you’re smart and thorough enough to scrub a toilet clean.

Today’s topic is how to detect lead poisoning. I thought I’d share this information with you, because I’ve been poisoned a second time in my life (the first time was 2008 in Napa, CA). Both times have been from construction conducted illegally, in violation of EPA standard, and federal law. But this time, it was on a jobsite when I was working as a lighting designer, whereas before it had been at my home, on a historic former US Post Office that was completed in 1932 – right on S. Virginia street in downtown in Reno, NV next to the courthouse. The concept artist and lead designer, general contractors, and owners of the building have violated the law and endangered the public health and welfare. BIG MISTAKE!!

They failed to abate. Lead abatement procedure is outlined in the Lead Safety Renovation Guidelines produced by the EPA. Lead has been known to poison people for thousands of years, and lead based paint has been outlawed in this country since 1979. So only if you intend to practice illegally and harm people, can you keep from doing it in accordance with legal best practices.

One little internet search is all it takes. So unless you are a complete moron, too stupid to google…or just ruthless and cruel…


So how can you tell that you’re being poisoned/have been poisoned with lead? There are some things you need to know: Lead poisoning is systemic, and things can vary from person to person. But once you begin to experience symptoms, you know the body has likely absorbed enough that its going to take some time to get things back right again.

  • Extreme Sensitivity to Chemicals and Smells – I now have what they call MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). I cannot drive over fresh asphalt, be around people much due to all the perfume in their clothes, skin products, and perfumes. I can’t take household cleaning products which have perfumes, people sanding paint, making dust, etc… Public restrooms with all the “air freshener” are torture. Hairspray!! Once you realize how unconscious most of the world is, as in how much poison they are putting on themselves and each other, you’ll find relief in things like the natural world. I’m usually sick for about a day after I visit the grocery store from all the scents, but I can pet my dog, horse and pick up my chickens with no problem. My essential oils are usually fine, but chemically based things are a no fly zone. I feel like a bug that’s been sprayed with Raid, my knees get weak, I can taste the scent in my mouth, I feel like I’m going to pass out, nauseated, migraines, etc…

If this is happening to you, you’ll need to see a doctor, and I’d recommend Dr. Robin Bernhoft, MD in Ojai, CA. He’s been so good. Most doc’s have no idea about how to treat these types of illnesses. Even though lead poisoning has been around for thousands of years, our conventional medical establishment has no idea how to treat. My personal opinion for why this is – because we’ve allowed to the drug companies to take over – they want to treat with chemicals, so if you’re allergic to them, then there’s nothing they can do. They are also polluting the environment with their drugs, and causing the chemical sensitivities (I cannot take drugs any longer) so they have zero incentive to stop polluting, or to use their billions to fund the research to stop it. They’d be arming you with the ammunition you’d require to sue them. Plus, as long as you are sick you can be treated in their system, which makes them money.

Its very annoying when you’re too weak to stand, and have a bloody peeling rash all over your mouth, but they tell you that they don’t think anything is wrong, and probably you’ll just have to see the dermatologist for the rash.

Dr. Bernhoft was poisoned himself, and had to learn how to fix it. He specializes in environmental integrative medicine. To date, no insurance will cover my treatments. Our conventional medical system has been essentially useless to me, and in my opinion – murderous and corrupt.

  • Lethargy and Difficulty Staying Awake – This can manifest as sleeping very deeply, which can be nice in the beginning, but then I was so relaxed with so little energy that I’d find myself reaching for coffee just to get through my day – like a wet noodle. After awhile, it feels like you’re dragging your body around – like dead weight. You have no energy, your eyes want to roll into the back of your head with sleep forthcoming. You feel like you need a stand to hold up your head.
  • Anxiety in the Midst of Feeling Very Relaxed – For me, its like having the engine rev’d at 8,000rpm, while the transmission’s in reverse. It begins to effect sleep, where you sleep like a dead person, but then wake up agitated in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep until you’ve finally exhausted yourself, and then pass out again.
  • Difficult Concentrating and Retaining Information – Its very difficult to focus and remain alert when you’re too tired to get out of bed and do much. Back in 2008, I was so sick, that come 2009 once the metals had soaked in, I couldn’t even read my code book and understand what it said. Yet it was mine, I knew that – I’d read it before (I’d passed tests and done projects off what it said), but you might as well have held it upside down. That used to make me really mad. I did get my comprehension back, but it took awhile. I have to make sure I’m giving people my undivided attention, because things can just go by.
  • Getting Sick Frequently – Heavy metals suppress the uptake of nutrient into your system. It’s a neurotoxin, and it suppresses immune function, so you’re at a higher risk for developing disease. This fact, plus the MCS keeps me away from people. I have a PhD in hermit.
  • Slurred Speech – You’ll notice that you can’t do multiple syllables that sound the same, or like you’re having a wrestling match with your tongue. Rubber baby buggy bumpers, and all that.
  • Uncoordinated Movements and Lack of Strong Grip/Strength – You’ll trip, knock over your glass or drop it, my personal non-favorite – dropping your phone. I play the cello, and its difficult to get the fingers to fire in rhythm. Some days will be worse than others. I’ve almost fallen trying to take stairs too fast – sometimes your legs and hands give out unexpectedly.
  • Frequent Urination/Elimination – All the time on that first one. Don’t stop drinking plenty of water in order to stop peeing constantly (and I mean every 15 minutes or half hour). Heavy metal poisoning is really hard on the internal organs, and your body is attempting to get rid of it, so please, pee pee!! You won’t be able to stop it anyway.
  • Unusual Menstruation Cycle – Your periods can become shorter with reduced flow, or you can have one in the middle of your normal cycle. I saw it normalized after detox from the 2008 episode, but this newest episode is effecting my cycle again. I’d also like to communicate that the MCS seems more intense right before my period, and then subdues afterwards.
  • Nausea, Heaving and Vomiting – Oh this can be such loads of fun, especially when you combine it with the MCS. My teeth are suffering as a result of all this (I’d pass out in the middle of eating and wake up with food still in my mouth), and so I’d decided to get on the ACT fluoride. BIG MISTAKE! One rinse resulted in about 1.5 days of heaving nausea convulsions with a migraine and sinuses so raw they cracked outloud. My parents were very concerned.
  • Profuse Sweating – Your body will get rid of it anyway it can. I’ve soaked the bed sheets in a puddle.  Such a good little body – purge, purge, purge…
  • Anger, Depression and Uncontrollable Moods – I think its natural to be angry if someone has poisoned you, but it’s a volatile train to ride. So have grace for yourself, the lead makes you crazy (so will dealing with the medical and regulatory establishments if you have to go after the people who’ve done it to you). Mad as a hatter they used to call it in the olden days for mercury poisoning, and lead is not far off. If you feel this way, I get relief by using one of my detox protocols – usually IR sauna with a bentonite mask on my body, and/or hot springs.
  • Migraines and Headaches – Lead really gets me around the base of my skull in the back. Drinking loads of water assists. I usually put a citrus peel essential oil in my water (d-limonene), because it protects the liver and kidneys as they flush toxins. And it quelches the nausea.
  • Aching Joints and Body – Lead is known for making the joints and body ache. Its been so bad with me that my arms felt like they were going to snap off – so bad it’ll bring you to tears, and I’m pretty tough.
  • Raw Feeling Sinuses – If you breathed lead dust, it can make your sinuses really sensitive and feeling like they are raw. I have frequent infections – blowing green with blood.
  • Difficulty Breathing – My chest feels very heavy. It takes a lot of energy to push your chest up and breathe deeply sometimes. I don’t notice it all the time, but when its bad, I have to lay down or sit. Drink lots of water, dehydration can really intensify the effect.
  • Rashes and/or Swollen Mouth – Splits in the corners of your mouth and/or around your lip line – My mouth swelled up, split and cracked into bloody peeling lesions that were near constant in the beginning, and the subsided to about 1.5-2 weeks a month for about 8 months after an acute exposure. I found sandalwood oil to soothe my mouth, and bentonite clay masks to stop the lesions. The mouth would still peel, but at least it wouldn’t been bloody and cracked. I didn’t discover the bentonite clay mask until about 7 months into it, so I can’t say whether or not it would assist when the lesions were profuse in the beginning. I can say that certain hot springs made my mouth feel better. It would reduce the swelling.

I liked the hot springs that had a high lithium content, because it seemed to improve my mood also. I drank the water, and bathed in it. I’m a big fan of the hot springs.