nose-cropI must write a warning for everybody out there, relating to a project I was working on located at 50 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV USA – The Historic Former Post Office aka The Basement and other shops. The owners, Bernie & Tim Carter hired Evelyn Sahaja, LC InLightIn Design to perform lighting design for the project.

They poisoned me by conducting substandard non-quality work in violation of federal standards over a period from January 2014-March 2015 – they lied to me – until my reactions to the building became so bad I could no longer be inside it. Even though I attempted to warn Carter for his own and everyone’s safety, he fired me when I advised him that my doctor said I was exhibiting signs of chemical poisoning. They and their general contractor United Construction have been shut down by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) July 2014 for failure to abate lead and asbestos. The building was locked down for over 3 months while they were forced to clean it up. After this citation, Carter continued to run his own team, which has also now been cited by the Nevada State Contractors Board for contracting without a license – January 2016.

The market concept in “the Basement”, is a copy of the Chelsea market in NYC. It was concepted by Brianna Bullentini of the Rawbry Juice Bar. She is unlicensed, and claims to have a BS in Sustainable Architecture from Parsons in speaking engagements on TedX and the Vanguard Next Cities conference, March 2015. Parsons has confirmed that it is a BFA in Interior Design, and further scrutiny of her resume verifies that she has never worked at a level higher than a paid intern. She has claimed to be a Creative Director at ICrave in NYC. ICrave has verified that she was a paid intern.