I’ve been so busy with the holidays that I haven’t had time to put pen to paper, fingers to keys…

The pie was awesome, my mom’s cranberry relish is top notch – she’s really been such an inspiration in my cooking.   One of the reasons I feel compelled to share about food is that I know I grew up with a mom who knew so much, and was on such a different channel. I mentioned previously that she had a flour mill where she’s ground grains fresh right before baking things since I was 10. I’ve had all the luxuries, whipping cream on the pie, etc… but nobody has diabetes in my family. In fact, it’s the opposite. My dad went to the doctor not long ago, and when he brought the intake forms back to the counter, they said, “Excuse me sir, I think you missed the back page? Can you please inform us which medications you are taking? He said, at 75, I’m not taking anything, and they stood there amazed. So Hippocrates was a smart guy, “let food by thy medicine, and let they medicine be food.”

BTW, the cranberry relish goes like this: fresh cranberries, raisins to sweeten, and an orange – the whole orange peel too. Run it through a sausage grinder. Kitchen Aid sells an attachment for the standard mixer. Delish! My mom makes tons of extra and freezes it, its got loads of antioxidants, and the cranberries are good for killing E. Coli cysts which can live in the gut and threaten immunity/gut health. About 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. If you have kidney/bladder problems, cranberries are good for that too. Avoid the sugar, the above recipe has no added sugar.  🙂

So what’s going on in world lead? Well, I talked to the cops, and the appropriate government agency has now sited the owner for contracting without a license.  Everybody say ooo, we found someone with purview. The lead and asbestos poisoning is still there however.  Most people have no clue about this dirty business. This disturbs me wouldn’t you agree?  The government knows the renovations are happening by people who are, and have contracted without a license. The guilty parties are engaged in public speaking with unverified credentials, posing as having architectural degrees, and using that as a way to build their reputation, soliciting tenants for the building, and obtaining other speaking engagements as well. These people have been filmed, even by the public media, violating rules established by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), standards for lead based paint procedure, which is blaspheming federal law.

The client et al. continues to run, committing treason by using their illegal practices as a murder weapon, continually creating lead and asbestos poisoning. Its attempted murder and treason.  There’s a view of it from the windows of City Hall, and they’re just acting like normal.

I’m happy to report that I’ve bought a car. I was vacillating – tempted by the idea of a ranch truck – a used 4×4 – thinking I’d need it for the buying and building of property, and the efficiency of a high MPG pod. I’ve shopped for over a year, and finally, there it was the Fiat 500 – high MPG Italian heaven.


Cinq-way is so cute. I’ve never owned an Italian car before. My vanilla scoop of gelato fits into any parking spot, the mere leftovers of the SUV world, which is absolutely brilliant in a sold out parking garage. And, with its sporty little racing stripe, its just enough chocolate to make everything taste fantastic. I don’t know what you call the opposite of buyer’s remorse, but I have it.

At 6’2” I can’t believe I fit into it so nicely, and neither can my friends. This is a popular topic, I just explain that my legs come in the fully collapsible model. But in truth, it fits me better than a Prius – I told you I test drove everything for over a year. And in the end, it was cinq-way’s ability to accommodate my long limbs, its tuxedo finishes and adorable crown head rest that got me all emotional. I knew I was in trouble the first time I sat down.

Other things that get me all emotional are the $30 it took me to get from Carson City, NV to Mojave, CA. I even drove around a lot and stopped, and still got that far on less than $30.

Cinq-way makes a quick get away. A lot of power, and an excellent deal – I bought mine used, but she was pristine. Like I feel guilty every time I scratch it. And you can pack more into a Fiat than you ever dreamed possible. I camped in it with my chemical sensitivities because I was forced to avoid people for weeks, okay about a month, and I was happy! The sights of our national parks likely contributed to my glow, but there it was down the back roads with all the rocks, my faithful scoop of gelato. About the only complaint I have is that I’m missing all 4 hub caps because evidently my off-roading was a bit too… Oh well, tomboy alert. There’s fewer people, and less pollution if you travel on the roads so less travelled that they haven’t bothered to pave them yet. For someone with a sensitivity to asphalt, I suppose dirt was the best choice. So let the hubcaps fly! I’ll recycle them and get rims.

The hands free Bluetooth is awesome. I love the fact that I don’t have to take my IPhone out of my purse, and I can still be LIVE and it will dim the volume automatically. Bass! And gelato…yep its pretty boomin.

What else? Well, I’ve gotten to have many conversations about how my Fiat won’t do what a truck will, but at least I get to talk to guys about their engineering proclivities. Its curious to me that they feel the need to point this out all the time. I thought it was obvious – due to aforementioned 4×4 vs. high MPG pod decision I had to make. So no I can’t haul a horse trailer, or look Ram tough with my winch on the front, but my Fiat is so buff, that it hauled Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep out of a recession. Kisses Cinq-way – I love U! And I think a lot of Americans who kept their jobs because of you, feel the same.

Today, I’d like to share about plastics. They are toxic, I’m still doing the necessary dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s scientifically, but here’s a little background to keep you healthy.

Plastics are a class or family of compound derived primarily from oil. The nature of these toxic chemicals is something that don’t break down readily – some have half lives of millions of years (a half-life is a chemistry term which speaks to how long the chemical is considered to be active – once half its life is over, its considered to be fairly innocuous, but its still around. The half life is when its fully operational if you will.). We make enough plastic #1PET water bottles to go around the earth 17 times every year. We fight wars over oil, we send the best and brightest of our population – the fit and functional military personnel – overseas to fight wars with nuclear tipped warheads – just so our face cream and tops of our coffee cup lids can come in plastic. I’m not that selfish, I’m not asking them to die for such frivolous purposes. And I don’t see the purpose in fighting wars to permanently poison ourselves and our planet (half lives of millions of years, hello?) for something so stupid and selfish.

Plastic is everywhere – just attempt to find a refrigerator that has none in the lining, or a car which has no plastic.  Or how about the medical IV tubing they use at the doctor’s office? Your shoes, and your clothes? But its breathable and wearable!!  That’s actually considered a positive marketing campaign?!  The carpet you walk on, the mattress you sleep on, your pillow sometimes, the fabric your draperies are made out of, the bag your food is wrapped in, the food storage containers you put it away in, and your computer. We sit on it while we drive, and we send people overseas to die in order to do it, while we piss off our neighbors. Its insane and its unavoidable.

Somebody made the most regardless statement to me at one point – thinking themselves a moral respectable God honoring Christian. He said, “I feel its my God given right, not to have to recycle!”  as he threw some plastic away.  This basically says, I don’t feel like keeping it healthy.  I feel that we have a responsibility to honor the creation environment, and keep it healthy.  There is no way I’ll support trashing our world, and I don’t think that “God” or whatever you personally feel like calling the Divine, would condone its destruction either.  I believe that a moral outlook, Christian or whatever, that we are charged with care-taking of the creation and our surroundings – being a good steward I think you’d call it.

The stories are out there – due to the world’s weather patterns, the Pacific Ocean has become the world’s largest trash dump. The Inuits are having their eardrums destroyed due to plastic contagens. Et al. They are going deaf. They are building schools with classrooms containing audio systems which amplify the teacher’s voice in order for it to become louder, because soo many of the children are going deaf.  Are you aware that we’ve got a trash dump in the Pacific ocean, which is larger than the size of Texas? Google it – its been on Good Morning America. This plastic is grinding together, making toxic plastic sand, the fish are eating it, and we are eating the fish. This plastic “sand” has been found within 100 miles off the coast or Japan and California. Pacific ocean: plastic, heavy metal, and nuclear Fukushima radiation contaminated. I mean who eats the fish these days? Sad little guys – I feel for the Inuit, the fish and the lobster for that matter.

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency has not autopsied one body in over the last 10-15 years that didn’t have plastic in it, and its 100-1 million times more prevalent in these bodies than any other contaminant. Chew on that – or rather don’t if you can help it. Bruce Blumberg, PhD the world’s foremost authority on these compounds (he’s been on Oprah talking about it) – street name obesegens – has listed these and other chemicals as Endocrine Disrupting Compound’s (EDC’s). Did you hear me there? I said they make people obese. As in fat, they clog cell receptor sites along the cellular walls, which inhibits all manner of cellular function. It disrupts nearly everything, your hormones, and nutrient uptake. You don’t function normally if you’re exposed to them, and yet its everywhere – even in the water you drink.

Sherry Rogers says there is only one clinically proven way to clean them, ad that is with the Infra Red sauna, which I’ve been using and touting for years.

I love how we’ve put some attention on the most toxic parts of the plastic family, like BPA, PVC, and phthalates, which means we just have China make them instead of the US, and then we ship it over here or let it blow over in the Asian brown cloud.  But in the case of the #1 PET water bottle – enhanced they call it – it still has the toxic heavy metal Antimony! Its time we stopped playing both ends against the middle and actually got out there and stopped destroying everything. Its pathetic that we call this a functional reasoning society, when the press release and media attention grab is seemingly all that passes for truth. We cannot rewrite the laws of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a press release.

I said its impossible to rewrite the laws of Physics with your ego and blind ambition.

Wake up or die – its that simple.

Genocide in the name of Progress.  Some would call it natural selection, or survival of the fittest. But is it rational to weaponize murder under such a banner – considering your hide is also on the line just the same as those you suppose to oppose? I think not. Its like walking into a room and announcing that you’re going to kill somebody, and then you kill yourself too. DUMB…dumb, duh, dumb…… What we are doing in the United States and elsewhere in the world under some of our energy management laws and policies regarding environmental toxicology is tantamount to total destruction of our society and the ecology we require to support it. The baffling bit is people seem wholly satisfied to use this weapon as a vehicle to empower their own authority, power and monetary status. It is annihilation as only ego supreme can serve it – with a big catch. I’ve recently addressed the problems going on with the way we go about using light – Circadian Disruption, but there is a broader perspective which this discussion fits into nicely, or not so nicely as the case would have it.

Light is considered an environmental factor, and there are many others like plastics, heavy metals and industrial pollution. The 3 main time keepers of your Circadian Rhythm are Light, Temperature and Food. Its impossible, once you begin looking at the diseases indicated in the biological pathways influenced by light, to avoid the other environmental factors which create health or destroy it along these same paths – on things like your heart, liver, lungs, etc… I’m referencing the syngeristic environmental contamination and poisoning going on in everything we hold dear – our land, water, air, our bodies, our food, the entire ecosystem. And, its all tied back to how we choose to create. For instance, I’m unsure you can say that being poisoned by heavy metal paint dust in the air is any different than being harmed in any other way.   It still comes with the same pain, aching, inabilitiy to function and other symptoms another source  – would put upon you.  You wouldn’t put up with somebody shooting you with a bullet and taking all your money would you?  Yet this is what recently happened to me…for a second time no less. A client hired a designer who was practicing illegally, without proper licensure, and the air was contaminated with aerosolized lead based paint. I’ve been unable to move, breathe, walk or talk normally for about 3 months, and the cops won’t move a muscle. The symptoms range from – difficulty breathing, stress, horrible pain resulting in a mouth which was swollen, cracked, and bleeding, and near narcolepsy – its difficult to stay awake. I’m scared that I won’t be able to have children after what they’ve done.  Its forced me from my home, and the people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions have only used it as a weapon to take my work, money, my health and lots of my time. I attempted to warn them and others for their protection, and was fired and refused pay for my work while they tried to clean it up and hide. To date, they’ve taken about $40K in unpaid design fees, shut down my ability to practice for a time, saddled me with irreparable harm, piles of added health care costs and huge amounts of wasted time. Yet, they insist they’ve paid in full.  Interestingly, they’ve got to work in the contaminated building everyday, after they put on a big show for the government to hide their corrupt activity.  They’re still breathing it!   They fail to recognize that they’ve hired an assassin – aka themselves.

So what do you do with a  society that’s filled with amoral idiots?  I really am at a loss for an explanation here.  But I can tell you that I’m unhappy that I have to share space with them.  I feel that as an American, that I have a right to life and liberty.  I don’t feel that industry and profit should hold sway over protecting our lives and our children.  I’m talking about being able to draw breath.

I attest to the fact that our medical, legal and governmental regulatory divisions are wholly unprepared to assist.  Why?  Greed is the simple answer.  I’ve been studying and dealing with this topic for a long time, and its put me in touch with the whose who in the field of toxicology and environmental factors. There is little relief, but its out there, the internet is very helpful via personal blogs like this, but if you’d like it from a specialist, it doesn’t come cheap. In other words, our system is set up to cheat. Our system is set up to murder you for profit.

Our hospitals, regulatory agencies and legal system still hang their hat on a cheap and useless test to check for lead – its called the Blood Lead Level test. But talk to an adroit specialist, you will find out this test is only accurate for a matter of hours. Its akin to looking in your car to find out if you eat tomatoes. If you happen to investigate exactly when you are coming home from the grocery store, and look in the back seat when the bags are still there, you will find something, but otherwise, its useless. If you live in America, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be sent home and told you are fine even if you can’t walk or talk normally. And you can’t even call the police on the people who did it to you. I know I’ve attempted it several times – I called every facet of government I could think of – nobody will tell you anything and they like to put you down, they act like you’re lying, and tell you that they don’t know anything, or just plain argue the point, even though you could be dying.  The perpetrators just stand back and laugh like they’ve won – there is something deeply disturbed within the psyche of America and our Western European counterparts (and anybody else who acts like this)  to garner a sense of victory and satisfaction while they put you to death.  Its a bloodlust, a thirst for the maniacal that my soul fails to comprehend.  I know a lot of you see it, and I’m counting on a day where those who love to murder in their hearts will be shackled by the moral who’ve finally had enough.  I don’t like being sick and having to have a contest with people who are misusing what authority they’ve been given.   Compassion – its like that song goes, people got me questioning, where is the love?  Do we put them to death for what they’ve done and allow, or do we put them in jail?  Is reformation possible?  There is a saying in the Bible that goes – it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Money seems to cause blindness of the moral variety, and I wonder how long the innocent will tolerate attempts on their lives before they put a stop to the executions.  It seems to me that the cause of the next World War and perhaps Civil War in America will be for these reasons.

There is a fundamental truism which is passed around in the circles of those who meditate and pray – its called poverty consciousness.  And if refers to the concept of using corrupt amoral energy to attempt to create wealth – you will only get death in return.  It points to using an attitude of desperation in an attempt to create instead of an attitude of having enough, or living in a world of abundance and integrity.  Its the basic tenant of faith, or belief in one’s abilities.  Our culture is seemingly complacent to create from a position of lack, and it destroys and accept destruction thereby.  What a lesson for our national debt.

I discovered that your tax form in being an independent small business owner is held up over your constitutional right to life, meaning government takes its cue from large corporations, refusing to protect innocent and decent people, enforcing only what it chooses, and when – i.e. if you happen to be an employee working for “the man”.  Due to the fact that small business owners account for 70% of GDP in the United States, we deserve respect, plus we pay for it with our tax dollars – I feel that I have every right, and I demand my rights and the rights of others like me be equally enforced. Bye bye OSHA unless you can step up to the plate. I’m not going to pay for you if I have to pay for myself too, especially if you’re just getting in the way. Government perhaps unwittingly, has been coerced into being an accessory and facilitator of murder simply by ineptitude and skullduggery by the amoral and corrupt.

I have a gift for you for special release.  Its a tasty treat!  Its a line of essential oil chocolates using recipes I concocted while healing myself during bouts of heavy metal poisoning.  I’d like to make them available for all of you to enjoy.  You know my favorite topic – HEALTH and WELLBEING!

Way back when I got poisoned with heavy metals, it really woke me up to what it takes to improve your health.  I used many conventional therapies, yet I found out the hard way that the health community had sensitized me to many chemicals and conventional medicines instead of doing what they said.  I had to find a better way – I came across essential oils for detox therapy.  I couldn’t use conventional medicine, and so that left me bereft for therapies that I could use to detox, bolster my health and create wellness. I found essential oils, and began putting them into everything, including chocolates along with other superfoods and things to continue detoxing and healing along the way.  I have been making my chocolate things ever since 2008, and now I’m going to make them for you!

So here is my first release of my new line of essential oil chocolates for sale. Each one has a different therapeutic use, and is packed with good food besides.  I’ve made them for many folks over the years.  Thanks to everyone who supported me through my illness towards my journey through to wellness!

They’re available now via direct sale.  Also if you’re experiencing a particular health challenge, and love something nice with a little spice – just say so.  Maybe we can have a look at something in particular.

Much Love and Happy Thoughts for Your Health and Wellness,


I’ve been going on a lot lately about the unprofessionalism in the design and construction industry – about people who seek to position themselves as authorities in the area of lighting design and practice. Well, let’s begin to sort the wheat from the chaff: The City of Reno uses a street lighting standard in its core downtown that’s in violation of its own local building ordinances, and yet it obviously passed inspection.  It creates light trespass, and fails to comply with the IES TM-15 mandate zero uplight requirements.  It’s a violation of their local ordinance Section – https://www.municode.com/library/nv/reno/codes/land_development_code?nodeId=LAND_DEVELOPMENT_CODE_CH18.12GEDEDEST_ARTXIIIEXLI_S18.12.1302LIFI (As you can see the note says that the light must be pooled down, this is so no light trespass is created to adjacent properties (like your bedroom) and is compliant with the TM-15 no uplight requirement, which prevents sky glow – LAN (Light-at-Night) is classified as a Level 2A carcinogenic cancer risk by the World Health Organization, which is why its prohibited under federal law.  To be clear, the double shepard’s hook by Sternberg carries a sag lens, which redirects light upwards violating TM-15, creating light trespass and the above safety hazard as well as reducing visual acuity for motorists.  It actually makes it more difficult to see (i.e. pedestrians and other motorists on the roadway). Additionally, the set up uses a double head configuration when it doesn’t have to, thereby adding maintenance cost and complexity – which will continue to drain the municipalities’ budget over time.  The spacings aren’t managed properly either – the standard is set at 40′ spacings (with tree interference between them), and yet I have taken measurements at 18-20′.  The pole heights are so low that it intereferes with business awnings and signage, which is counter intuitive to creating a friendly atmosphere for business owners and a viable attractive street scape.  The setbacks from the street are so poorly designed that I see the banner arms broken from buses and vehicle interference, and the pedestrian side vandalized by hangers on. I’ve been to many major US cities who violate the TM-15 no uplight mandates all up and down US freeways all the time.  Nobody cares is what I’m told, or “some are just old” – but this is untrue.   You care if you die, while we borrow money to make our city streets safer.  Especially if its going in the opposite direction, and creates a public health risk.

“Free Design”

So here I am, fixing yet another terrible design, which was perpetrated on the innocent solely for profit. How did it happen?

Well let me tell you.

When you go to build a project, and you start asking around – it won’t take you long to find out that there are basically 2 avenues for lighting design.

1.   The first avenue is the avenue which I’m on, and is the avenue that most design professionals are supposed to be on as well – if they’re honest. Honest about who’s actually doing the design, and honest about what they really know.  If they’re honest, there will be a fee for the lighting design, and all the product won’t come from one agency’s line card.

This unbiased avenue has been put into place for the consumer’s protection – and conforms to international policy guidelines and code of conduct rules as set forth by the International Assocation of Lighting Designers for establishing integrity in our industry. We are not allowed to sell product because it creates a conflict of interest in giving professional lighting design advice and expertise.  You are not allowed to have a profit motive in the design, because it creates an unholy alliance.

2.   The second avenue is “free design” and is handed out by manipulative manufacturing entities based solely for profit. It’s a service offered by manufacturer representative agencies to the lay consumer, contractors and design professionals who seek to position themselves as authorities in lighting design. These manufacturer representative agencies seek to sell themselves as unbiased design professionals, when what they’re really doing is practicing design without a license, which is a misdemeanor, unprofessional, illegal in most states – just so they can simply pull their favorite things to sell you from the product lines they represent.  Btw, if you aid and abed them in doing that, then you’ve also committed a misdemeanor.

Is it the best advice? Is it what you would have chosen?  What do you think?  No, its what you get, when you get it illegally for free. And based on what I’ve seen lately, its pretty terrible design actually – small wonder.

Now I’m not saying that all manufacturers are crooked, but most of the rep agencies do a terrible job of playing fair. I do have some relationships which I value from people who treat me fairly, but I can always tell a crooked rep agency, they never return my calls or attempt to provide me service. Yet that’s what they claim they are in business to do. Instead, they get the address of my project, and then go behind my back to pitch free design to my clients in an effort to steal the sale. Its happened more than once let me tell you.

Why? Because there’s more money in it for them that way. A real designer won’t use all the same product from one line or products pulled from one agency’s line card.   A real designer shops a great deal, vets product and has no product alliances. They go for quality over profit.  Hence, the rules of the IALD.

So if you’re building a project, and somebody tells you that you’re going to get a discount – ask yourself why? And check the products they suggest. Who is the manufacturer’s rep for those lines? Are the lines in the package from the same agency? If they are, then you know you’ve got a profit motive design, instead of a real design – a real and good design. You know the rules, follow the money honey.

Free design means you get hurt. Ripped off if you prefer, and now with what we now about how lighting effects human health, there’s more hanging in the balance than just a higher energy bills or bulbs you have to change more often. Its your sleep, your kids future, cancer, erectile dysfunction, breast cancer and mood disorders. Free huh? Doesn’t sound that good to me…but keep selling me that sauce?! At what cost?  Free!!