I’m going to tell you why I’m disgusted with Reno, NV and the US at large.  The government has become such a useless system of arrogant elites – people who after failing to accomplish anything or be made aristocrats by chance – have sought solace in the public sector while they use hubris to act authoritarian utterly crushing anyone who dares act like they ought to pick up the phone.

I’m unsure if their uselessness is due to a general lack of ability, drug or alcohol abuse, whether they are bought out – racketeering with corrupt private sector interests, nursing hatred over their private sector failure, or just inept, but it’s high time I find a place where people act respectful and like they have a brain.  I’m refusing to allow Reno, Washoe County, and Nevada bureaucracy to get away with it.  And I was treated this way in Napa, CA too, so CA isn’t exempt.  Government is basically useless, and is hiding it.  Although most of you I speak to agrees with me here, so hiding in plain sight I suppose is more like it, it’s a racket that they take our money and do nothing successfully, so is insurance, we all get this.

What I’m generally seeing is corruption.  The US federal government certainly has its share, but the scores of policies and research which are handed down and shared by international agencies as guidelines, these entities fail to respond and implement.  The laws are there, but government acts like they are self sowing plants, which are automatically watered.  There is a general lack of willingness to protect people.  I can’t accept it.  Whether you call the system a constitutional republic, a democracy, modified socialism with a dash of free market enterprise, or a lamentable and even perhaps joyous unalterable journey towards communism, people can’t have a successful society which has a chance of survival, if corruption is the aristocracy.  

My assertions of corruption are a compliment in a sense.  I’m saying that people like Mayor Hillary Schieve actually have a brain, they are just hacks.  This is in contrast to being an utter idiot, who lies and takes bribes, which is what I was told was going on by the client who poisoned me at 50 S. Virginia Street, Bernard & Tim Carter.  When you can pay about $100K to government to allow you to disobey federal law (when it’s in direct contradiction to what the head Plans Examiner in the Building Department instructed), well that’s sayin you paid someone higher up to let you racketeer and hurt people.

This corruption is easy to get away with in small town America within the building sector.  People in these American rural communities haven’t generally seen the world class design and building acumen shown in large cities, where the best buildings happen.  It’s easy to fool the public and run a racket, which pumps out poisonous and substandard work.  I cannot have the ethical practice I desire in a place like Reno, NV, because the corruption is so bad, and the people are so uneducated.  I’m done trying to cram crap into my portfolio.  I will say that Phil Satre’s custom house was the notable exception. Thanks Phil and Jennifer, you guys were very professional.

To the rest of Reno, I’ll say this.  You can have your 7” incandescent cans (which you can buy 10 for a $100), to which you stuff an LED retrofit for $3.