Let’s discuss a real seemingly boring issue – insurance.  Just the word conjures up visions of squares speaking in monotone, asking you a relentless list of questions.  Then comes the piles of papers you have to sign, yes, insurance sucks baby.  And it doesn’t just stop there, there’s all the different kinds of insurance we’re supposed to have – health got a lot of press recently during Obama care, but what about business insurance?  There’s general liability, errors and omissions, workers compensation, auto, home, fire, earthquake, life…good Lord save me from everything!!

Hopefully though, it’s there when you need it.  That’s what we’re told right?  This is the whole reason we have it.  Pay a little now, in case you need a safety net later.  Except what’s been going on with insurance per my experience, amounts to little more than bogus racketeering.  And I’d really like to talk about that today.

We’ve all been there – let’s take the classic fender bender.  Somebody hits you, and the insurance company takes forever, tries to nickel and dime you, only reimburses you for a job half done.  Everybody I know loves to gripe about how insurance companies are the worst at paying you what they promise.  Let’s face it, their reputation precedes them.

But I’m really angry over what’s been going on in my business this last time I got poisoned.  I bought insurance specifically to cover me if  it ever happened again, but it didn’t. Hartford was nice enough to sell me an expanded flex policy specifically for the purpose (read I paid more cash), but when push came to doctor bills, it did not cover me.  Three people are responsible for poisoning me this time, but even though they broke the law and knowingly spread poison everywhere, their insurance won’t cover it (AIG and Capital Insurance Group), all I get is bullied from attorneys who work for the insurance companies.

These insurance people help each other out.  They have a centralized computer system which tells them all claims which have been filed by you, so it makes it easier to deny you.  They share information about you, and talk to each other about whether they are denying you, before they even tell you about it.  Yep, that’s insurance.  For profit companies, making tons of money “being there for you”, i.e. wasting your time and doing what they can to defraud you.  Its money we put in so we could have a safety net, and these companies aren’t doing what they promised.

Take your money and give you nothing.  Kinda sounds like the economic collapse all over again (gee aren’t AIG the ones responsible for that too??  Or maybe it was just that they went “bankrupt” and got to buy back their billion dollar headquarters for $1 at taxpayer expense.).  A legal form of fraud via collusion and racketeering.  A cartel to be sure.  But we already knew that.  They’re trained professionals.

And it’s even mandated to have it by law!  Lucky Americans…