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So I thought I’d share with you my regime for how I detox my body from harmful heavy metals.

Let’s start with some history.  When all this began, I went to SF General Hospital, who ran the wrong test on me for lead…twice.  Ouch! Considering that was over $400 each time.  Also, I was really desperate to find out what was making me feel so awful, and all I could think of was lead considering I knew it was in my house in super toxic levels due to a forensic report that I’d had done by the CSI guys.  That piece of misinformation delayed my recovery for at least 1.5 years because it took me that long to find a doctor who knew the right test to do to eventually inform me that I’d absorbed lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel, cesium, thorium and antimony.   You need to be aware of this, because most places will run a blood test on your plasma, but that’s the wrong test to do.  Its like looking in your car to find out if you eat tomatoes – look on the day you come home from the grocery store and you will learn something, but otherwise – its a pretty useless test.

Sure the body absorbs things through your blood – but it takes highly toxic things like metals and quickly packs it away where it can do less immediate damage, i.e. your bones and your fatty tissue – like your brain.  This means you won’t die now from things like kidney failure and seizures, but will get other things later like cancer, dementia, Alzheimer, diabetes, and heart disease and your kids get ADHD, Autism and Downs etc… if you don’t get them out.

So how do you find out what your heavy metal load really is?  Start with an unprovocated urine test – its a regular pee in a cup type of affair.  And the method for analysis is ICP-MS (be sure to check at the lab).  Its also important to assess timeframe.  If you have a recent (called acute) exposure, then the unprovocated urine is pretty good.  But if its been while, or you just want to see what’s going on in your body and have no real reason to suspect exposure, you can check cumulative levels using a provocation test.  They provoke or draw out the metals using a chemical (DMPS, DMSA, sometimes EDTA but be super careful on that last one) from the deep tissue and then test your urine for what you pass.   Its important to note that the body has a natural inherent pecking order of what it considers the highest priority to pass, so your test results can change as you move through the process.  For instance, on the first test, you may see lots of lead, but then later, it can shift to high levels of cadmium, or mercury or something else.  It may even change back again.  The body is very intelligent and will pass what’s most threatening to it at that time.  So keep in mind that just because you get a test result that’s high in say lead, that doesn’t mean that you know the whole story.  It just means that’s what your body’s deemed most threatening right now.  My doctor has a funny saying that goes, the dumbest kidney is smarter than the most intelligent intern.

So after nearly being killed from an EDTA injection by a heavy metal specialist MD/HMD in 2010, and misdiagnoses all over the place from the ER to the top dermatologists in San Francisco, I settled on natural remedies like my essential oils, bentonite clay, cilantro and the infra red sauna.  I only do what I feel my body can handle.

I used to use PectaSol a modified citrus pectin and alginate from seaweed, but then I stopped taking it because it has a cancer warning on the bottle.  Now, I do what’s in the 2016 UPDATE note below, 3 days on chelation, and then 11 days off to replenish the body and rest more or less.

Now PectaSol doesn’t deplete like EDTA and other chelation agents supposedly, but I still feel drained so I focus on very high quality nutritive supplements which I’ll get into later.  Vitamins are a complex subject and there is a TON of garbage out there which can actually harm you.  So its not to be taken lightly.

When you chelate, if you have high levels of metals, you will feel it.  Sometimes it gets so bad I have to support the chelation with something extra.  Hold on here – I’m a fan of, yes I’m gonna say it, the coffee enema, as well as the apple cider vinegar bath, a certain kind of mushroom tea and the indispensable and much loved Infra-Red Sauna on which I gave you quote from NASA in my blog on back pain.  I sit in the IR Sauna about 2 hours a day – at night of course.  All of these have assisted me in feeling and looking better while I’ve gone through my detox.

You’re exposed to heavy metals everyday, so you have them in your body there is no doubt.  You may even have been tested, showing low levels.  My 2 blood plasma lead tests came back at 2.3, which is very low – but my provocation tests came back very high.  So get the right tests, and get some real answers.

Did you know that most doctors only test vitamin levels outside your cells? Again, they test the plasma only which is the wrong test to do.  You have to do a erythrocyte test (levels inside the cells) to know the real scoop, but rarely is that the test that’s ordered by most medical professionals in our society.  I’ve actually had to argue with doctors to get them to order these tests, and once they agreed, I’ve still had the results come back with the wrong test done!  There are in fact, only a few labs in the country which do the right tests.  To say these mistakes are pervasive is an understatement.

(2016  UPDATE:  After my 2nd exposure, I am now undergoing treatment with an adroit world class specialist, and using the chelating compounds they recommend.  Its very comforting to have found the care of a good doctor.  He also doesn’t push past what I can handle, but you still feel awful when you pull toxins.  I no longer use Pectasol due to the cancer warning on the label.  It was a conundrum, risk getting cancer now with the chelation pectin Pectasol, or risk getting cancer later due to leaving the heavy metals in.  My doctor and I made the decision to abandon it, and use other things like DMSA, DMPS, etc…

My doctor now has found NO signs of cancer or major organ damage, which is a huge relief needless to say!  I do have immune system and neurological damage – as heavy metals are a neurotoxin (mother ______s tried to turn me into a vegetable deliberately, let’s shoot em!), which they say I have 80-90% chance of healing completely and will take 2-4 years of treatment to be permanent.  Insurance will not cover you btw.  So take that to the bank, when you’ve been poisoned deliberately, fired when you tried to protect them, and denied pay for your efforts, made too sick to get out of the house for over a year, can’t be around people due to how terrible the chemicals they use smell, which means you can’t get back to work, plus it really HURT!!  Stupid system – they even gave the murderers an award!  But Hah I’ll be the last one laughing!!  Come hell or high water – you know what I’m saying?  I can still have kids – at 42, I’m still good to have children – I chalk that up to a good doctor, practicing good eating habits and using the IR sauna everyday with my essential oils and other herbal remedies.).  Practicing without a license….yep, you know what I have to say about people like that.  Dog pile!!

Much Luv,



Let’s talk about a little known connection between nutrient content in food – and what you’re really getting in your food when you eat out.

Now every restaurant is different, but in today’s world of nationwide chains and global food contracts, we have a world  where consistency and uniformity is king – so you can have the same experience state to state or even country to country.  Let me share with you something I discovered.

EDTA is an incredibly common food preservative used the the processed food supply, which actually pulls nutrient content from your food.  Did you know that this is making your food less nutritious, and is possibly robbing your body of minerals and other things you require?  It usually appears on packaged food labeled as Calcium Disodium EDTA, and is used in everything from soda pop, precut lettuce and apples, its even in Best Foods mayonnaise.

How do I know this?  Because EDTA was used on me to pull heavy metals out of my body – a process called chelation.  EDTA is in fact one of the most common chelating agents used for lead and heavy metals in detoxification protocols.  I can tell you from experience that when you chelate, they give you EDTA on an empty stomach and pull you off all vitamin supplements while you do it.  Why?  Because it pulls the minerals from any food or supplements you just ate making it less effective.  So, if you’re looking to pull lead from the really deep tissue like your brain and bones (where it can do the most damage and is stored by the body) then you don’t’ want it pulling it from something you just put in your stomach.  After you get off chelation, they pump up the minerals and heavy metals you need (chromium, iron and zinc, etc…) because you are often depleted from the chelation process.  You can’t chelate all the time, they have to stop it and replenish your body.  Usually something like 1 week on chelation, and 2-3 weeks off to replenish and rebuild.

So, if EDTA is on your food all the time, then its pulling the nutrient from your food and possibly your body while you consume it.  For someone like me, whose lips break out in minutes and my entire mouth swells feeling incredibly painful and raw, EDTA is a big problem, especially considering it lasts for weeks.  Last time I got ahold of some, it was a  few bites of a pecan bar at a University event.  I only ate half the bar, but the part I found so odd was the fact that some dental work I’d had done a few weeks prior with no complications began to feel painful.  The injection sites for the Novocain shots, that I’d previously barely noticed were now very painful and the teeth I’d had worked on were hurting.  All of this swollen lips hurting teeth business lasted for weeks.  Very painful.

Now whether you experience this form of irritation or not is likely due to how sensitized you’ve been made to it.  But what you need to know is that chain restaurants, and any of place ordering from big processed food companies are likely to have it in your food.  Its very difficult to walk into a store and find a beverage without it.  We already know that the shortest distance from field to plate makes for the highest nutrient content in your food – a point against eating processed food in the first place.  So the fact that processed food is then treated with EDTA, something that pulls even more nutrient from your food and your body while you eat is, well, hardly worth paying for.

You can avoid chain restaurants and apply pressure to your local eatery to get them to use food that’s EDTA free.  But the worst part about all of this is these big contracts for processed food are heavily in place and protected in places like airports, hospitals and universities.  Places where there aren’t other options, and people are working, learning and healing.  These are places where the number of people are concentrated and are usually stressed, run-down, tired and in need of good wholesome meal.

The point of food is to nourish you.  I’d rather have a different yet wholesome fresh experience when I dine and travel than the same dish shipped from a centralized packaged food facility sprayed with something that actually pulls nutrient from me just so it looks familiar.  Turns out comfort food isn’t so comfortable – convenience isn’t really, and the price of low cost food is fairly high.